How to play?

Click start. Tiles in 4 colors are flashing. Remember where the colors are. In the 'Find' square appears the color to be found. You start with 10 lives. 'Hint' uses one life. Levels are gradually becoming more difficult. Good luck 🙂

When you have reached a highscore, you will be able to enter your name in the system after the game is finished.

Greetings. Ronald - CreaCity

High Scores
Jake 1055
Zorro 651
Nico 440
Ronald 403
Steve 353
Jack 262
Jill 256
Ronald 250
Will 241
Ronald 200

Game Over

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If you wish you can enter a name in the system to set the highscore to be yours! Just enter a name and your country below and click Submit. Thanks 🙂

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